Link AX is Teradek’s new production-ready Wi-Fi router that features Wi-Fi 6 and five configurable ethernet ports to give filmmakers the most flexibility possible. Unlike typical off-the-shelf routers, Link AX is designed with a ruggedized metal chassis and Gold/V-Mount battery mounting options to withstand the demands of any production, without adding yet another power drain to your DIT cart or video village. Link AX facilitates numerous workflows that connect productions from set, to remote collaborators, to post.

Workflow: Local-Only Production Streaming

  • Challenge: To view different live camera feeds on set, phones and/or tablets must connect, disconnect, and reconnect to multiple access point networks.
  • Solution: Utilize Link AX to route all camera feeds into a single network for local monitoring. Connect up to 20 phones and tablets throughout production and view live feeds using Teradek VUER on iOS and Android.

Workflow: Multi-Camera Camera-to-Cloud

  • Challenge: Share multiple live camera feeds to remote creatives and collaborators.
  • Solution: Manage and share an unlimited number of live feeds anywhere in the world with an end-to-end workflow.

Workflow: Live Color Grading 

  • Challenge: Live color grading on set with multiple cameras 
  • Solution: Route all cameras into Link AX, allowing each camera to receive instant and unique LUT and CDL changes based on the needs of each shot/setup.

Workflow: Wireless Camera Control

  • Challenge: With each camera in access point mode, juggling between camera controls can be tedious. 
  • Solution: (Coming Soon) Use a single network and toggle between tabs for each camera. This will be compatible with Sony VENICE and more cameras soon.
Shop Link AX and Serv Series
Shop Link AX
and Serv Series
Combine Link AX, Teradek’s new ruggedized router, with Serv Series for an end-to-end workflow
Link AX

Production-Ready Wi-Fi Router


Serv 4K

The 4K HDR Solution


Serv Micro

The Compact HDMI Solution



*Manufactured under licence
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