Unrivaled HD Image Quality with Bolt 4K


Don’t let the name fool you... Bolt 4K also transmits a sharper, cleaner HD image. A brand new chipset design enables Bolt 4K to deliver more information at higher resolutions and with better quality over the same bandwidth.

Traditional compression engines (HEVC, H.264) decide what information is transmitted to the receiver, and what information is compressed (or discarded), according to their effective channel bitrate and visual importance. The most important coefficients are delivered to the receiver, while the least important are eliminated.

Unlike traditional compression engines, Bolt 4K’s processing method ensures ALL the information is delivered to the receiver.

However, RF signal quality is always going to fluctuate due to random obstructions and interference. These RF challenges are going to produce errors in the information received. Bolt 4K’s new chipset corrects these errors, and allows the receiver to output visually lossless, higher quality video with <1ms of latency.

These improvements make Bolt 4K’s picture the closest alternative to a cabled connection, compared to previous HD wireless video systems.

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HD Signal Comparison Between SDI Cable and Bolt 4K

Take a deep dive into the stills from an SDI cabled, HD signal compared to a Bolt 4K wireless transmission. Toggle the subtracted difference view to see any difference in the images.

Click the image below to take a peek at the pixels up close. Ideally on a monitor with at least 1080 resolution.

Compare two HD video feeds, one through an SDI cable directly into a recorder (on the left) and one transmitted through a Bolt 4K, in HD, with the SDI output recorded on the receiver side (on the right). Both comparison images utilize identical 1920x1080 Apple ProRes 422 HQ source material. The % allows you to magnify the image for a more detailed look.

While viewing subtracted differences, black indicates no difference in color information. Any color seen on the subtracted difference screen represents a difference between the two views.

  • 1600%
  • 400%
  • 200%
  • 100%
Bolt 4K
Bolt 4K
Bolt 4K
Bolt 4K


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